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Hey, I'm James Park.

I explore, write, and podcast.

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I often feel lost, feeling stuck in the same cycle, but learning that’s just life. My weekly articles gravitate around the lessons I’m learning as I continue my journey.

Join me each week to explore how to learn beyond our limited beliefs, rise to the level of our hardest challenge, and allow ourselves to grow one day at a time.



Latest Articles

Why we should all have goals

We should all have goals. Reaching the finish line is just as much about the feeling as it is about the accomplishment.

Simple is better. Sales.

One of my prospects emailed to cancel their meeting, set 2 weeks in the future. I drafted a lengthy response to book another time. I

Just one at a time

When you feel overwhelmed, just remember, one at a time. In a single moment, all you can do is a single thing.

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