James Park

This needs to be said. A struggle post.

We see the best on the internet.

Social media shows everyone’s best lives. The perfect day. Their perfect post, seen in a picture, written form, or video.

We’re trained to believe everyone is always at their best.

This needs to be said: real life is the opposite.

We just aren’t privy to it. No one displays their worst. Even if they do, the world doesn’t want to see it because we only want the success stories.

This post is about my worst.

Not everything I write is perfect.

It may not even good. In fact, it may be outright bad. But you should see it.

Because life isn’t perfect.

We all have bad days.

It’s normal, despite what the internet tells you. Don’t let it misguide you. If you’re having a rough day, you aren’t alone.

You can do it.

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