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What started out as casual chats about weekly challenges with my friend Sean Li, founder of Clever.fm, turned into a podcast adventure. While we have these weekly chats for our therapeutic benefit, we hope that a listener could relate and learn from our mistakes and lessons.

You can find episode lists here.

I am developing a program that collects data from my journals. My program will apply machine learning to analyze emotion from my journal to track, understand, and improve my life. It’s journaling like an athlete, but for my mind.

Named after the successor of Tony Stark’s AI, Jarvis, you can watch a Demo Day presentation here.

If you’re sensing an audio theme, then you might guess my third pursuit, which is learning to use my voice as a tool. Currently looking to land my first voiceover gig, and excited that I can add the word “gig” to my vocabulary.

My Path Here




Born in South Korea, I’ve lived mainly in the United States, starting in the Midwest to Detroit suburbs, Ann Arbor, New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

I have been fortunate to have explored Southeast Asia for a few months, hitting 30 cities across 9 different countries. I also lived in Vietnam for a couple years and got to experience Europe during the 2012 London Olympics.

My career path has been nonlinear studying psychology in university, working as a litigation paralegal, corporate tax consultant, and joining small startups to work with teams in operations, customer support, and product.

Things That Excite Me




I love journaling and keeping record of things. It started in college by taking pictures of outings with my friends. In New York, I was labeled “the historian” since I had photos of our get-togethers. I started to use Google Calendar to track activities, followed by audio journaling (via Otter.ai) and video logs. As of October 31, 2021, I’ve logged 1,526 entries in audio format and have missed only 46 days (yes, I track this as well).

I’m not sure why, but I really like data. Maybe it’s why I like to keep record of things. I particularly enjoy sports statistics, especially when it comes to fantasy baseball. I’ve been part of a league since 2008, and sadly have no championship to my name. I have come painfully close a handful of times and hope to change that in the years to come. Maybe by incorporating machine learning to my drafting strategy?

I love fantasy and scifi fiction novels, like Harry Potter, Ender Series, Bobiverse, Game of Thrones, and recently started the Mistborn series. The creativity, the imagination, and the power of storytelling, all fascinate me.