James Park



The small wins as a sales rookie

I spoke to my manager the other day about my performance. One metric is the amount of meetings booked for Sales Directors. My role aims

Brushing Teeth to Find Motivation

We brush our teeth everyday, no motivation required. Building a habit is similar. As much as we want motivation to lead us, the better partner is routine.

Friction, Feedback, Discomfort

We cannot run away from the discomfort, in whatever practice we choose. The friction and feedback we receive is important in growth.

Ship30 Live Sessions 7 and 8

The Ship30for30 program is entering the final days. Here’s my thoughts and notes on the final live sessions 7 and 8.

A Cheat Week, Joining a Program

Not a typical article. A walkthrough of my decision to join Ship30for30 and my goals for this 30 day writing program.

What Now?

Arriving at my goal to write for one year, I found myself asking “what now?”

I answered, “be curious.”

Saying No and Its Reversal

The trick is understanding that progress is built with commitment and time. We may be saying “yes” too often in a year, chasing the new thing, leading to overestimation. But by balancing with “no”, we may be able to accomplish more than we think.

Balance Matrix

Does your life feel unbalanced? Mine does too. So I came up with a simple matrix to visualize balance based on pleasure, income, mental, and physical activities to help find what’s missing.

Fail to Success

Failing is when an expectation has yet to occur. We attach the negativity ourselves.


Create a satisfaction loop by being specific, feeling progress, and accepting reality.