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Why Outside The Well?

There’s an Asian proverb that reads jeong jung ji wa in English, written 정중지와 in Korean and 井底之蛙 in Chinese. They all translate to “a frog in a well.”

It comes from the story of when the God of the Yellow River descended along a river and saw the endless sea for the first time. He said to the God of the Northern Sea, “I thought rivers were the widest, but when I saw the sea, I realized there was a wider world.”

The God of the Northern Sea replied “a frog in a well can tell nothing about the sea because it is in a well. A summer insect can tell nothing about ice because it knows only summer. Those who have a narrow view of the world do not know the way, for they are bound by their own studies.”

“But now that you have left your creek, gazed at the great sea, and realized your narrow view, you can learn the truth.”

This is my journey to learn outside my well, beyond my limits.