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Saying No and Its Reversal

The trick is understanding that progress is built with commitment and time. We may be saying “yes” too often in a year, chasing the new thing, leading to overestimation. But by balancing with “no”, we may be able to accomplish more than we think.


Rome was not built in a day. It was built with consistency.

Rule of Thumbs

While our goals and systems represent the compass and path of our journey, there’s another set of rules that represent everyday guidelines. Like lanes on a road.

Built for Growth

Systems developed to achieve a feeling will fail. Build your systems towards growth instead.

Be Aware the Transition

Become aware of transitions and start removing filler steps to get your story moving forward.

The Decision is Mine

Over the last few months, I’ve written about different methods to change viewpoints, mindsets, beliefs to get unstuck in life. The Living Accidentally series on

Routines Build Freedom

Having a daily routine could sound like it would make life rigid and inflexible. Maybe we imagine a routined life to feel like prison and

Just Enough

Let’s talk about goals. If you’re like me, we would shudder together at this word. Like setting KPIs at work or making New Year resolutions,

Begin Again

On March 4, 2021, I published my first Thursday post titled “How I’m Fighting Depression.” I explained how 4 things were helping me to beat

Starting Small

Whenever I read self-help articles, the hardest thing for me is what to do after I read it. A ton of articles out there say

Living Accidentally Part 2

Part 1 of the Living Accidentally series left off questioning how to live on purpose. When I think about Living On Purpose, my mind automatically

Living Accidentally

Up to now, I have lived an accidental life. I don’t mean that I was an accident because my parents made a mistake. I mean

Why You Can’t Build Habits

The title should actually be “Why James Can’t Build Habits.” Everything I’ve written so far about habits, change, mental challenges, etc. have been all directed

Only Way To Succeed By Tom Bilyeu

I’ve been watching a lot of Tom Bilyeu and Impact Theory lately. I recently watched one of his talks at Mindvalley and the line below

Change As A Creator

I’ve been stuck trying to change for quite some time. I realized that my adult life has been a few sets of giant cycles of

Change. Simple, But Not Easy

I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll do it later. I’ll try. If I utter any of those phrases above, I already know it’s a lie. I definitely

Reframe Your Mind

Framing a question, study, or a marketing scheme makes a huge impact on the outcomes. For example, consider how doctors often speak of surgeries. They

Are Losses Greater Than Gains?

Our mind totally thinks so. We’ve evolved to think that losses loom larger than gains. “The brains of humans and other animals contain a mechanism

Questions Are The Answer

I’ve heard this phrase “questions are the answer” several times over my life. The most recent was from Anthony Robbins’ Awaken The Giant Within. In

Power in Making Decisions

We make decisions all day long. We decide what to wear, decide what to eat, decide when or how to go to work (or maybe

Gains in Mental Fitness

It’s easy to track physical gains. You can measure distance ran, time elapsed, repetitions, weight lifted, how much you weigh, how much you ate. The

The Lazy Cycle

I will be honest. I tried to read my reviews for each chapter, and I couldn’t even finish reading what I wrote. If I’m not

New System | Book Reviews

Today is the beginning of a new system I am implementing for myself. This system is designed to do three things: Create a reading habit

How I’m Fighting Depression

There’s not one thing that will help get over depression. It’s a whole mix bag of things. Here’s my mixed bag over the last 60